I am who I am

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I am who I am

Post by EcKsTaSy »

He carves his life with this pen writing questions with no answers,

He's gotta gift with this ink like swordplay in sand mastered//

His weapon is his wits but he's bout to pop the whole bottle and call it quits,

Mind pulling away from his soul like the San Andreas rift//

He's got this vendetta with the figure in the mirror,

All this jealousy, greed and envy is generating the fear//

Countin seconds til the day he duels death, even the Grim Reaper is holding his breath,

He smirks at the end cuz he's satisfied with the quest, and he's been sharpenin his lead to conquer this test//

His lyrical wordplay like ghosts dancin in the breeze,

Its not that he's looked behind every door, it's that he doesn't hold all the keys//

Time stands still half the time,

So half the rhymes he rhymes are missin half the lines//

His cuffs are creased and linked,

His confidence is cocky, he knows half a blink gets winked//

The paper tells his story between each line,

Put the pad in his hand and now you given him a shrine//

His life is a guaranteed ending endeavor,

And its known that only a blind man can see forever//

The greatest gift is the mind in non-speaking words,

If it takes one person to make a difference, imagine what we could do in herds//

He could switch hands with his pen and scribble the same meanings,

He doesn't need truth to feel his true feelings//

He's running in circles, or so it seems,

And if to dream, he doesn't dream in small dreams//

His goals drifting away, always out of reach,

He never ceases to learn, and in doing so learns to teach//

He hears the beat in his eyes and his hands say the words,

Theres 3 types of people and he accounts for two-thirds//

Those who see, those who see when they are shown, and those who don't see,

And in all essence it only takes 2 letters to become an emcee//

His art is this paint on this canvas,

You have to study hard to see beyond the lyrical quantum mechanics//

He can do the same thing with a mic,

Like Ghandi didn't have to speak to strike,

Like Muhammad Ali didn't have to smile to be liked,

Like it doesn't need to be dark to light,

And so the saying goes its not the dog in the fight//

He wants to solve the case, close the mystery,

And spite of it all, legend will always be victorious over history//

Look for chance, and then hit em with a brick,

And if all else fails speak softly and carry a big stick//

He is I and I am he,

And unlike the rest, what you get, is what you see//

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Re: I am who I am

Post by Vohkab »

i'm a quick reader and as i read there were some surprises but, this seemed blase. decent to say the least.

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