Dear Woman.

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Dear Woman.

Post by M33Kish »

Dear beautifully black woman,
With the touch soft as a gentlewoman,
And who stands strong as a superwoman,
It's inhuman how you much joy you bring to me, my show woman,
God put his foot into it while making you, I swear you got too much soul woman,
And I see that your love is potent, just check me out, I love my old woman,
Even when you yell in my ear and make me shake and tremble I love this loud woman,
She's a strong woman,
The strongest I've ever seen, I'm blessed with this wonderwoman,
Signed with love forever and always, I love you much woman.

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Re: Dear Woman.

Post by TreTru »

well its got alot of feeling ..and thought..
some depth..idk what to say abt it lyrically though..
i guess poems have their own rythm..

this is a decent mothers day tribute if anything..

keep flowin..1

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Re: Dear Woman.

Post by Alvin »

Rather short, but i do admire your ability to end each line with description woman. Pretty dope man... Simple.

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Re: Dear Woman.

Post by 32neilz »

I enjoyed tge simplicity of this, I'm starting to enjoy poetry more and more, nice drop, keep it up fammo

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Re: Dear Woman.

Post by EcKsTaSy »

its in its simplicity the lyrical genius of this writing... I can see a person really emphasizing the "woman" at the end of each line..powerful bro..

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