Spontaneous Writing

Expand your artistic ability through poetry and story telling. Poetry has been given new life ever since the inception of hip hop. Relax for a minute and explore your poetic side here.

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Audible Thought
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Spontaneous Writing

Post by Audible Thought »

Dunno if this is poetry, floetry, just writing i guess. I just kept going didn't stop writing.

No thoughts, no thinking just writing as my brain flows
like the nile river all natural no fakeness or truth
this may not make sense but does it really have to?,
what i mean is what does really make sense in this world?

this aint no penny for your thoughts nor is it a weapon
to impress and possess the blind, its simply rhythm and rhyme
maybe that's what the world needs, a little bit of simplicity
in reality we living in a complex web of technology run by sinners

but what i do know, right? i mean i'm just a nineteen year old
who used to sell drugs and abuse em, so me talkin bout how the world
goes isn't really prudent

words ain't nothin without action,
i ain't gunna sit here and rant when i'm still in high school like a damn fool and try to do what i can't,
if ya think you're a change in this world i highly doubt it
you're just pocket change in a rich fat white mans pocket
fuck there i go again rantin, what can i do when im a contradiction and
so are you, so are they, its the reason nothing really make sense

the only way you make sense is if you make cents and dollars
the only time you gotta voice is when you're rich and in power
so fuck talking, fuck ranting, fuck everything except action
if i aint successful at rapping theres million other ways to get money

dont lie, you're in it for the money cuz the love for the music ain't
gunna put food in you're stomach, its funny when you don't think and just write what comes to your head sometimes you write the right things, they connect together and make a statement that can spark an epiphany, but i have to stop here, i have a job to go to, get that cream the way i'm supposed to

i advise you to try this, just write and don't stop like theres no clocks, you might find somethin to treasure in a pile of nonsense.
"Until we're all free fuck the world pass the weed, life ain't what it seems y'all we chasin fantasies"-Lastchild [R.I.P]

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Re: Spontaneous Writing

Post by Shawnmd »

exactly what you said. just good old writing. check this out and comment plz http://www.illestlyrics.com/board/for-t ... 21500.html

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Re: Spontaneous Writing

Post by Illcat »

Well, if this had another title I might have been compelled to call it uneven and disjointed ramblings but, your title encompasses what this truly is; a glimpse into the mind of a young man in his early stages of adulthood.

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