Bad Thoughts

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Bad Thoughts

Post by M33Kish »

Absent feelings forming along the inner lining in my head,
Frustrations surface on the downfall of my mind//
But my lips blurt them out instead,
With no aim just blind fire, verbal lead//

Fuck a sensor, as a matter fact fuck a ceiling,
I'll lose my top and dare a nigga to try nd seal me//
I'll purposely cut each tie to all beings,
Then sever the distance between any and all feelings//

The good guy in me,
Is instigating these feelings//
Like I had thug life tattooed on me,
Instead of Batman and smileys winking//

My evil is contravening
A conflict of interest that means it ain't me//
But fuck it I like feeling shady,
A confused individual at the moment to put it plainly//

Seen through the light, thriving at night,
Though absent are the thoughts depicting the bright//
Atrocious actions attract demons to fiend him,
We feast on souls who refuse the shade in the light//

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Re: Bad Thoughts

Post by Glamtrash »

I hate the style in which this is written and that's cool that that's you. But as far as the storyline goes, good shit dude. Very relatable, half decent vocabulary and imagry. Not bad at all.

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Re: Bad Thoughts

Post by Darryl_Spacely »


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