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Post by Darryl_Spacely »

Fuck the bullshit with a condom on
on the verge of losing my mind..its kind of gone
but ill rather be crazy than practical
life's a test... mathematical
I'm a rebel & very radical
with this world I'm feeling incompatible
lost in this puzzle of life
none of us will make it out alive
fuck the government these laws I can't abide by
on the road of life. They say its better if you drive high
we all living to die.I believe they feeding & giving us lies
we should believe in us.. even if they deceiving us
I'm the voice of the people
life's a movie with no sequel
but just remember we all unique & everyone's equal
but hate should be illegal
but I probably wouldn't make it without it
not really sure with life.. so many doubts
this world is confusing
life's a roller coaster
no amusement park
bright mind but my thoughts are dark
on the road of life. but I started to park
then decided to keep going
when I heard life beep its horn
I don't feel alive.. I need to meet being born
but they say keep growing
so im exploring & soaring to the highest expectations
I'm looking for some respect & why they hating
life's a celebration but doesn't feel like
i just want to be happy because sad doesn't feel right
i feel like releasing all this anger
lifes a show.. jerry springer
full of drama & idiots
wish people would tell it the way it really is
everybody came accustom to being fake
& i just can accustom to being great

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Post by thadevious1 »

you should let ppl know this is a spoken word and not a poetry piece
but i think this was a lot better than the veres in writtens

keep up

keep droppin gems


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Post by Darryl_Spacely »

appreciate dude

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Post by Borat »

Hey bro... you know how to put links up in your posts? You gotta leave feed on two other drops and put the links up to get feed for your one drop... show me some links and I will feed

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