Nothings Never Impossible

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Nothings Never Impossible

Post by Darryl_Spacely »

my minds getting back on track

all these train of thoughts are unstoppable

my dad said nothings is never impossible

lifes a race & im jumping over obstacles

im ready for the world & the glamor

im beating the odds with this sledge hammer

i wont stop fighting.. poetry is my life

i wont stop writing.. this is my talent

im spilling out a gallon of thoughts

tryna find happiness its currently being sought out

the price of the wrong. but the store of dreams is being bought out

going after what i want.. i swear this nightmare of failure always haunts me

but i just wake up… the world is in my hands its an earthquake

when i shake up.. am i nervous.. everybody want me to join the navy

but i say fuck the service.. can i decide what i wanna be in life

thinking about dreams.. i swear i never get to sleep at night

but ill be alright because im still young

in the class of life & the bell just rung

just ready to graduate.. better never underestimate me

i hate good i just wanna be great.. see im looking for my goals

life is sex im going for the hole.. the whole never fractions

love is success & thats my attraction

time is money im going for 24 hour transaction


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