Pursuit of Happiness

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Pursuit of Happiness

Post by Darryl_Spacely »

I’m on the pursuit of happiness
these days i feel happy less
this is something I’m trying to pursue
instead of trying i just gotta do
things get old its never forever new
when i find it.. ill be good
I’m waiting on that fire to just burn the wood
these dark thoughts of lightning
war with the world & I’m thinking of giving up fighting
I’m scared of the outcome its very frightening
wish i had a smart person to just enlighten me
I’m losing sight of life
on the road of success..with these broken lights
i should give up.. I’m dead inside
don’t know what the meaning of live up is
in the future i hope my kids don’t be the same as me
if they are..sorry who to blame is me
happy clouds never rain on me
i just wanna live happily
hoping this bad reality would turn around magically
feels like nothing good is ever happening
these problems I’m ready to solve em
put it in the sand & dissolve all of em
he said life is on the line..but its never calling him
or maybe he just isn’t picking up.. if you ain’t got it. sorry you ain’t tricking us.


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