Hidden Thoughts (Poetry)

Expand your artistic ability through poetry and story telling. Poetry has been given new life ever since the inception of hip hop. Relax for a minute and explore your poetic side here.

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Hidden Thoughts (Poetry)

Post by Darryl_Spacely »

I am a poet… but no one know it… hidden thoughts
afraid to show it
hiding behind rejection
mentally abused.. so much neglection
i hate mirrors i don’t see my own reflections
hard life..this world is full of erections
when you cum in better have protection or get killed
i promise ask smith you definitely will
only white guys i respect is on them dollar bills
does anyone know the real me
i wanna wake up & fulfill dreams
stop bullshitting & be on that victory team..undefeated
i wanna say i succeeded
I’m hungry for success.so i try feed it
& they say life’s a book. try to read it
but most of the time.. winners become losers at the end lonely i need friends.. not a foe
make smart chess moves.. it helps me grow
living this fast life… i think i need to take it slow
day by day…. pray by pray
if time is money ill be there yesterday
i said that tomorrow
they took my dream & never asked to borrow
this nightmare is horrible
I’m still trapped in this ball of sorrow though
whats my future… i think tomorrow knows
tryna figure it out
tryna understand what life is all about
about to put my life on the line & see what its calling out… life is in my hands…. but why do i always fumble my plans…. i only got one shot… yes this is my only chance life has no sequel
you better look through that peek hole
before you answer the door
you never know if that’s opportunity knocking
if time is money… why don’t i ever clock in
looking at these red lights… i try not stopping
I’m tryna get the cake & the toppings
looking for time you better start watching
pay attention & did i mention
if there’s alot weight on your chest… don’t ever give up benching

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Re: Hidden Thoughts (Poetry)

Post by The Man »

Just so you know, the rule is, every post you drop, you have to comment on two other pieces,

one drop = 2 return feeds.

Welcome to Illest. :D

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Re: Hidden Thoughts (Poetry)

Post by Flowetry »

Not real educated on poetry, but I can tell this is from the heart, keep it up bro.

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Re: Hidden Thoughts (Poetry)

Post by Grim »

I AGREE with this being from the heart but in poetry there are set stanzas or structure and this didn't really have the 4 line set and the lines carried on a bit but this came from inside and you can't go wrong with that

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Re: Hidden Thoughts (Poetry)

Post by thadevious1 »

this is a spoken word piece like I said in your other piece
but still you're showing that you can rhyme
you should know that a real poetry piece doesnt even rhyme
and you mostly use inner rhymes
this is actualy just a basic rap
and can not be compared with real poetry at all

but keep writing
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Re: Hidden Thoughts (Poetry)

Post by Darryl_Spacely »

yeah your right, it is spoken word, but thanks for even reading it yall


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