A piece to be forgotten

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Ambiguous Realm
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A piece to be forgotten

Post by Ambiguous Realm »

(Just a compilation i wrote a while back)

i cope the heat, so cold n deep to write a piece of poetry
cause they say..he who knows will hold the key, that notably will open free,
a new beginning golden sweet, but only we can hope for these,
my closest dreams.. i don't believe, i go beneath n over seas,
to find happiness....
you gotta be as broke as me,
unfold, release this joke..
you see.. i slowly breathe n hold my knees then rock myself to go to sleep...

short like my many, let me know your thoughts

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leeroi green
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Re: A piece to be forgotten

Post by leeroi green »

excellent flow well written near perfect in its brevity ya boy i'll holla

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Re: A piece to be forgotten

Post by Darryl_Spacely »

niceee dude

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Immortal Jav
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Re: A piece to be forgotten

Post by Immortal Jav »

short but a straight piece my dude

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Re: A piece to be forgotten

Post by Glamtrash »

You know how I feel about your writing. Good fucking job, as usual lol.

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