before work bars.

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before work bars.

Post by PEPTIDE »

yo i spit these bars live from the centre of the earth/
covered in molten lava, hatching plans for the universe/
and as my tunes disperse, planes of glass shatter/
gamma rays from my weapon, melt your grey matter/
and leave your brain splattered, across top deck/
starship trooper, take away your fuckin intellect/
and leave yor crew wrecked, like crash test cars/
evil bastard, that infects the world with deadly SARS/
and all my battle scars interconnect/
form a map to new planets that we havent even seen yet/
your weak threats, all crumble to dust/
cause no matter raw, peptide doesnt give a fuck.

quick few lines before work. lemme know what u think, as i wasnt really digging this one. peace.


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