Resigned to Wait

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Resigned to Wait

Post by IntrinsicCadence »

He sat back and yearned for her arrival.
He detached from earthly weights and patiently waited
in a position he could hold for eternity.

He could see her silhouette in the distance,
even with his eyes closed,
the outline remained.
He sat on the highest peak,
from where he could see seven valleys
stretched out across the horizon.

He was waiting for her to make her way through
these valleys placed between them.
He was sitting on the highest peak,
but could not leave to find her,
due to his dedication to build a temple
in the heart of the mountain before she arrived.

He already had built the seat for her
to sit upon, and he prayed it would not be long
before she found the path that would lead
to where he was. He left many marks
and posted signs on the tree-bark
in order that she could find the way.

Now he would wait and pray to see her
eyes that beamed as bright as the sun.

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Re: Resigned to Wait

Post by Glamtrash »

Wtf i did feed this but this hone's a iece of shit. Anyway, I like it, which is odd because i'm not a huge fan of nature lol. Simle, yet dee. Double aroved !

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Re: Resigned to Wait

Post by Darryl_Spacely »

nice dude

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