The Past Reflects the Mirrors Path

Expand your artistic ability through poetry and story telling. Poetry has been given new life ever since the inception of hip hop. Relax for a minute and explore your poetic side here.

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The Past Reflects the Mirrors Path

Post by IntrinsicCadence »

The dust concealed light once hidden
Reveals beams of love everlasting
Guiding hearts to destiny's dance
Detached from barriers of self-

Hopes emerge in triumph
To be shot down by fear
Only to rise again in service
Uplifting the girth of existence-

One hope remains focused
Rendering conditional vision
Dependent upon unseen wisdom
Descending from placeless skies-

The ascending sun then arises
Into the fullness of the new day
Infusing the horizon with energy
Akin to a springtime cultivation-

The seeds have again been planted
The elements must soon sprout
Manifesting grassroots progression
Dawning from once barren fields-

The harvest is unspeakably glorious
When time's shadow drifts away
The end can be seen in the beginning
The eternal inspires each step---

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