The Growth

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The Growth

Post by QwarterZ »

I'm like a swift wind floatin' wit no limits
when I'm in of non existence
peace pipe type tremendous keepin thoughts endless
bendin' minds gymnast...type of persistence
you find upon instances when you released
through the trees grown from these seeds
lit up leaves easily recieve what u percieve
so as I paint this picture a chained in mixture
to a caved in fissure in your mind's eye
can you find I? as I twist through the cosmos
shootin' stars potholes in planets...watchin' slow
explosions so colorful meetin' other souls viewin' the wonderous glow
why am I here? words of sense follow the turbulence
of life's curbs n dents but I stride through daily
rarely fall to frailty feet can't fail me
my crowd grows n grows my aura glows
so now the shows will overflow
a soul thrown off by the flow to leave a black hole

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Re: The Growth

Post by Riggz »

I liked the lit up leave part and the "can you find I" part. the piece looked a little thrown together for the multis.. but I can hear it a cafe'.

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Re: The Growth

Post by -MenaCe- »

Not bad man. i was feelin it for the most part, wordplay was ill.
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Re: The Growth

Post by Glamtrash »

I quite liked this, dude. And i' not a big fan of this kind of writing. But it's all strung together well enough. Good shit.

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