Chuck D's Essay On The State Of Hip-Hop

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Chuck D's Essay On The State Of Hip-Hop

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I found it to be a good read. I agree with some of it on some scale. I agree with his interpretation of the media and how its sad that doing things for the community won't generate as large of a buzz as committing a crime. I also feel that he could have given more credit to the American underground scene. Anyways, stumbled across this, thought I'd share it.

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Re: Chuck D's Essay On The State Of Hip-Hop

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He took a giant shit on american artists in general...Said if there was a hiphop olympics we'd get stomped out we wouldn't take gold silver bronze or an ass medal if they made won lol... I think he should be the ast person talking shit look at how much his homie flavor flave sold out. Hes one of the main reasons music channels don't play music anymore!!!!!!! anyways whatever fuck this music channel monopoly we gotta get rid of MTV which owns VH1 if im not mistaken and get a new music channel.. That'll restore the state of hiphop. Get sum1 in charge to sift thru the bullshit and bang dope new and old shit on the regular... Radio isnt too bad... Local artists need their own t.v. show I feel though..They need to combine efforts to get that shit done.

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