Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by Nemo »

It's better things to do, rather than argue-with-fools
Folks mad their broads wear g-strings, before they barge-in-my-room
Cause I rake in more hos than strip clubs have gardening-tools
The haters comprehend slower than go carts-with-no-fuel

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- Mutual -
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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by - Mutual - »

I'll show'em how it's done...

I Aint Dope Never Was My Aim Was Provide-A-Service
Inside-I'm-Nervous To Ride With A Surge Of Violent-Verses
A Tyrant-Murkin Giant-Urkels Out Of Their Silent-Urges
A Mirgrant-Lurkin With Higher-Purpose Than A Mile-Of-Nurses
The Eagerness Is Putrid My Fluids Acid Leaves You Vexed Like Black Holes
Your Inept To Correct Stretched Like Fat Folds Perplexed Like Castro
I'm So Tenacious With Rhymes Sensatious So Patient With Lines
While You Fill Your Writtens With Filler And So Stay Vacant In Mind
I'm Amiable But Too Your Haters I Appease Your Arcane Admissions
Dark Games No Vision Your Avarice Lead To Scarred Shamed Partitions
So Callous In His Candor You Have To Coerce For Neglect
For Worse Or For Best I'm Confidant With A Verse Of Respect


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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by Scrapa »

From sun up to sundown step and get run down
Repping some dumb town don't matter where your from clown

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by Insoluble »

Inclined to bind your daughters hind quarters-with-twine//
Sublime slaughter,leave spines for crime reporters-to -find/ 
rawer-with-rhymes by for to five times. forti-fy lines with lime mortar.
Borderline ,morbid-kind  in the street totin' magnums....of imported-wine

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by az... »

You best to come with what it takes, cause my styles Back In The Day,
or you’ll be found Strapped to a Napsack Packed With Grenades.

I know where you live, I got to Map To Your Place,
I’ll show up to your house while you’re sleeping and Trash The Place.

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by Ambiguous Realm »

If that's the case, i'll be two-sided n laugh for days like that villain with half a face,
two jabs n fakes then dance n make a smash with hays, cause that's the way of Cashis Clay

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by Anthony Mitchell »

i got emcees shook when i pull out the fifth
you on trial you can lie and plee the fifth

die or suffer the consequence so confident
so fly in my gear it should be a compliment

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by pest »

these bitches assume the position, cuz i rude with the diction
consumed by the vision slit wrist and ya doomed with incisions
the razor blade ya shave ya face with hits straight to the neck
blood spilt im raising some heck when you play witta vet
Catastropic wrote:i went to ya site on reverbnation, and i heard ya' projects bro, i must say they real damn good...
at ya' age you have a 5star skillz,
and believe you're gonna make in the music biz.
i love ya' sht...most definitely...
keep up the good work bro!

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by Blake Downs »

i wake up pissed,verbally spray up kids
than say sum spits,doggystyle i bang ya bitch,

super magic johnson so shes like splash came so sick,
bitch i'll bang yo shit,i fuck her in the butt,bruh it aint no shit

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by thaphantom »

Ain't no shit? you doin' it in the dookie chute?
You better come correct before i 'Duke' then 'shoot'

I'm a banger and i'm talking about in more then one way.
Because once I bang her, she'll be praying to the lord that its a good day.
Never let life live you, You always live life.

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by BeetleJuice »

Missing horribly but i shoot with percision
Dissing accordingly your en route to collion

This you need to remember, im going to be taking over
next best i feed on contenders, fuck it im breaking sober

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by the sentinel »

Spittin ill shit, even diapers wouldnt wana hold that
nd thts true, it aint no skit coz i throw deep cipherz like the hole-in-the-hat,
long and tough too bruh!, im a cross between a pole and a bat(baseball)!!

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by JHaze »

i dont need to be holdin a gat, no poles or bat
just my fists n whoever im throwin em at
you an absolute zero, and im colder than that
try holdin me back these cowards get rolled on
til they foldin in half

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by 88SkyLink »

When I grip-the-mic best hit-the-light cause you know Im gonna spit-the-right..
Flow like I'm you're kryptonite cause my flow resides to hit-you-twice...
Shit-its-like an obsession for me, very like my dick has for chicks-and-dykes..
I split-the-spites dreadfully to haters who move their lips-in-fright..

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Re: Multi Cypher ( 2 Bars)

Post by ReduX »

killed the dude now im raisin kids that arent mine
on a Acme salary part time.

hit the register knock over the cash drawer
shut up stupid what you think we brought the mask for.

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