Anti B Cypher

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Anti B Cypher

Post by PyDizZLE21 »

Im in a Cypha B , writin all types of Key...//
Cuz my mind is free after about a Dime of Weed...//
I need a Pipe to Breath, flows flow like a Breeze...//
And if u don't like the Speech, then ignite and write till the Mic just leaves...//haha
These poems won't Hurt Me, Im Foldin those Open Foes Verse Me...//
Hold the Phone! fukk 4 or 5 Im giving 8 out like kobes Old jersey...//
Cuz p'll Handle ya smash and Damage Ya...//
I would say to step but these Cats don't have the Stamina..//
Ur Fake and Soft but go ahead and Paste ya Thoughts...//
I use the burner to murder sum trees and start Bakin Off...//

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Re: Anti B Cypher

Post by probablyTreed »

burner on, knifin' hits,
not strikin bics on this hash,
watch u take ur hit, u cough n i laugh,
im boss n u cats,
i stomp n u scratch,
what u get for crossin my path,
cross my heart hope u die,
works of art, scope n cry,
peep n weep at this dope of mine,
pure cut, hella drugs on deck, your up,
look at whats next, me, so give up,
never flex speech i cant live up to,
keep my soul(sole), i cant slip up foo
stoned locomotion, im highly trained, flow fluid with pricy strains

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