The Revival of IL

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The Revival of IL

Post by 4DUB »

4 bars startin with the last rhyme from the person before..

The new guys gonna make it big, well at least im tryin to
i came from another site but it seems like this ones dying too!
"The Holidays" is the theory "Oh i went to see my aunties"
When in reality they took time off to clean their panties
Maybe the only internet connection they had was at their grammys
N now they're stuck without the net gettin tucked in their jammies
I'll make it plain n straight simple, i'll stomp ur brain in n make dimples
Once u come back from ur "Holidays" i'll be the mayne they cant cripple

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Re: The Revival of IL

Post by TreTru »

Once u come back from ur "Holidays" i'll be the mayne they cant cripple

mayne its that simple? you barely tickled the surface.
Holidays aint why its dead they just scared of my verses
some said its their time to worship so let them fullfill their purpose.
cool with me? TRU ill MW3 dude and murk him.
its over so call it curtains im just keyin and blurtin
if you think my rhymes are looping its cuz im typin in Cursive.

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