Audio Cypher

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Audio Cypher

Post by Alvin »

Well, as it says, cypher drops, but with AUDIO. Pretty simple. Drop whatever you want, as long as you want, about whatever you feel. A good Place to practice skills on mixing, effects, styles, anything AUDIO.


pains the hospital with deaf doctors
i left proper but still get shunned
my breaths rougher i wonder if one
2 3 many mistakes are taking its toll
the pains reaching the sun hoping the gold
is snatched from the rain bow, but the pot
resided somewhere else than we thought
we're yet to find out what we sought
i ought to forget and stop the search
it hurts to be honest, it doesnt work even when we are cert-
ten reason to not continue the venue but i look
towards the next place ill get shook
this books been written so have i been booked?
the spine breaks open to release me off the hook
im stuck in the knight bombarded by brooks
i pawn my soul hoping for an escape, that never comes
my fate sealed with the numb, my seal brakes with the sums
i feel it quake at my thumbs, as it takes away from my lungs


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