Multi Cypher

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Multi Cypher

Post by Colossus »

Either go as long as you can on one multi or make a story out of it.

As Long As You Can

Multi to start with - Indian giver
~The Champ Must Demand Greatness From Himself Or Be Another Contender~

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Re: Multi Cypher

Post by leeroi green »

I get the semian shivers when I read the book of gideons. Quiver when I drop bombs and make an idiots liver fall out his Ass don't be brash I'm an insideous hitter with a hideous sister and damn this is the shitiest piss verse

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Re: Multi Cypher

Post by complexity »

I'm just a sick emcee quit with this publicity
all of the shit that I spit it's just history
from the politics to finality, this is reality
bitches who challenge me, don't care about split personality
I lit a candle and it was a beautiful flame
on the piano I was in musical range
Mickey Mantle, I refused to start losing my game
if you want a sample, then just google my name

I was going to sit calmly, but you want to throw shit on me
here's some dirt, his bitch is a trick, and a bit raunchy//
with zits like a sick zombie, no wonder she's with a lit honkey//
I'm going to rip omnie, he's just a wig in suit, Mitt Romnie//
I spit godly, that's why I can put his non sense beyond me//
humble with the mind of Satan and the conscious of ghandi//

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Re: Multi Cypher

Post by 88SkyLink »

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Re: Multi Cypher

Post by jayzon_black »

Shit I'm feeling the quick hit, like Janet when revealing the nip slip-Black be the villain to get wit
Ya'll kneeling to slick rick, story telling so a brotha can hit rich-ya shorty steady yellin on this stick
Ride out, Glide out.

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Re: Multi Cypher

Post by ReduX »

Be more specific
You'll see your feet get lifted
Don't go to jail 'cuz i own the prison
Like Hasbro's Parker Brothers
Relax bro before you start to stutter

-- Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:11 am --

you an indian giver
reminiscint of hitler
you get the picture
fuck ya father figure
n everybody wit ya
thousands left disfigured
cus' of your interpretation of the scripture
education musta missed ya
i feel sorry for ya mister
God was here you just missed her
i know that last lines gonna get ya
upset that your God could be a misses
focusing on that small while the point your missing
youda won the election but the points were missing
dont matter you still win 'cus your brother rigged it. (last line might not rhyme but i felt it flowed well)

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