Picture Cypher

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Post by precise »

LMAO he actually put my picture on a dradel!//
cause im allways "on point" n' unstable//
ill turn the tables, of course this jew would choose that fable//
plex needs a hobby, or a girlfriend so ill hook em up with a cow named mable//
too lazy to make good rhymes, so.. ill, string him up with a mic cable//

facin me? its mission impossible, like pickin up lesbian broads
fuck all these thespian frauds, they "bug me" like espionage

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Post by complexity »


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Re: Picture Cypher

Post by Alvin »

Hello donkey, how is the weather?
Me? Shit ive had better, the green
In the letters really brings out your eyes
Oh… you like mine? Well cool, so do I
Do you mind if my paws touch your … ears
Hmm nice, touch mine, oh dear,
you have no fingers but that’s ok, just a lick
wait a minute donkey, that’s now what I think it is
Your such a dick, seriously, here I am befriending a four leg
Do I have STUPID PANDA written on my fore head!?!?!?
By the smile im guessing I do, fuck you, DROP DEAD!!!!
…*stupid donkey with your stupid castle*…

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Re: Picture Cypher

Post by Defiance »

ima white man in dark clothing
holding my weiner but i think its frozen
looking at the ground
pondering things that profound
wishing i hadnt grown this damn mustache
cause now no ladies will fuck unless i got cash
god damn, why did take to this shit
cause now my face looks like i've been eating shit


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