Street Cypher

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Re: Street Cypher

Post by Defiance »

more and more the whores wanna engage in war
got me tripping wondering what they fighting for
i ignite to fight some more its conscious evolution
and in the confusion bruising their fuckin movement
cause this aint a war this is land fighting fluid

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Re: Street Cypher

Post by Jsteel »

shit that you cant fathom,bitch il drag atoms and relay em in the face of, the witch packed with macs in ,a dungeon with my dragon ,hungry,u dampened by my moist pellet ,painting this picture,raging in this sick words,as im creating creatures

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Re: Street Cypher

Post by AbZ The Beast »

i do it for the streets, i like 2 fix potholes
but i also slang that shit junkies sniff up there nostrils!
fuck a bakery...i got dough! alot bro!!
i cop dro, from a cop hoe!


damn i'ma g....lmfao

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