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drunken jesus
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Post by drunken jesus »

time-is-money ya'll-gotta-price-to-pay rhyming-funny
cause none of ya'll-droppin-nice-as-jay grinding-lovely
bomb-hotter-mics-decay grimy,-bust-beats ain't lying-trust-me
fakes-buying-huffys i'm rich-bitch, play-mine-and-bust-seeds,
all-over-ya-speakers my hits-twich ya'll-go-in-a-seizure,
fall-flowing-on-beats, word, all-throwing-ya-weak-verse
but i-ain't-mad-at-that i'm laughing back with a stash of hash
mashing that half in half dabbed in an acid batch smash and
blasting tracks in a mask and half my asscrack'll flash
as i'm after half the passing class after naps at their habitat
of a preschool, imagine that? be cool weak fools get a smile
i ain't a pedophile, so don't be doubting me shining
i do this shit without even trying, you? you're shit, lousy-with-rhyming
busting-a-wack-sort of nothing-that'll-pass-for decent-shit
you need-to-quit fronting-you-ass-whore, fiending-dicks,
dropping meaningless schemes-of-shit up-on-a-wack-board
saying nothing-new stuff-thats-true, what the fuck-do-you-rap-for?
you got-no-structure, drop-flows-observed with no hint-of-rhythm
simple-bitchs just glimpse-the-viscious mental-pictures i bend-in-scriptures
and-quit with your-wack-shit damn-kids verse-lacking wake-up gay-punk
just fake-fuck-multis ya make-up-faulty jerking-to-eminem-posters
bursting-ya-feminen vocals, not making sense-with-them-posing
like braking ten pull gin saking mental men playing dental den
making temples mix baking lenitls quick for sake of pen poll pits
and still the retards probably'll need to read-the-shit-again
to even see that the last bar of weak-stuff-mimmiced-them
Respect this, specialist, black, testing this and get ya necklace jacked
Your after name scratched up off my guestlist, party freak
You the type of nigga that'll hardly speak unless you spoken to
You throw a cold screw but sober up when I'm approaching you
At the same time we postin two niggaz on that ass
Thats gonna do what they supposed to do the limelight
Snatched away from you because its my night
Killarm' blaze hotter than twilight, you better get ya lines right
Half of these crabs cant even rhyme right
[Killa Sin]


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16 Micz
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Post by 16 Micz »

rhyme scheme was pretty dope i liked the vocab n i saw some multis good freestyle 8/10

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Post by complexity »

some multi's? this thing was fucking jam packed with em. Overall this was a really tight freestyle. With a dope concept, some good dissing. I really liked this one. 9/10. And there was some subliminals i'm pretty sure, dont know if anyone else caught em.

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Ambiguous Realm
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Post by Ambiguous Realm »

9/10 liked the topic and multis ..couple times i got confused but overall it was nice

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leeroi green
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Re: Freestyle

Post by leeroi green »


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Re: Freestyle

Post by Def-init »

multis, substance, flow. all on point. even more so considering its a free style!!
Nice work budz!
- If I can't bend Heaven, I shall move Hell. -

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Re: Freestyle

Post by ippiki_17 »

Your a BEAST! Enough said. I enjoyed it, the dashes in between the words were fucking me up while I read it though. Nonetheless you killed it.

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