Rich Bastard

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Rich Bastard

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I shrug my shoulders as I look across the world
At these african children and little foster girls
I don't give a fuck and I like to sport uggs
So meet me outside over by the golf club
Let's have a cup of coffee, here I brought mugs
Let's go to the beach, let's show the resort love
I'm looking at the embroidery on my shiny watch
Instead of the time sigh, hurry up and find a spot
For the show, I wanna go to it right now
By the way what is the condition of my nice house
I gotta maid, no kids, and a fine spouse
I'm rich, but I'll never let you niggas find out
I'm 78 and my wife's 22
She's loves me, I love her who the fuck are you
If she a gold digger 9 times out of ten
I don't mind she is mine her body's a monument
To this day she still sleeps with a lot of men
I abuse her at times so I gotta lock her in
I'll never get arrested, the power is vested in me
I sleep with a vest in my sleep
No assassin, will harass men of my caliber
It's the first of month on my calendar
No stamps over here for the fam
Where's my hearing aid cause I hear really bad
I put on my robe and I walk to bathroom
My girlfriend gotta sexy ass tattoo
I mean wife, she the stuck up mean type
And me like, so lets fuck in the meantime
Meanwhile all the fiends dying
The illicit teen's crying, small
Trying to be giants, well keep trying
Cause the world don't give a fuck
I'd rather you do that instead of giving up
Silly stuff like trends end set some
Before you fall on the block like wet gum
The rich bastard accepts none
And if you still not listening to me, than you are death dumb
So if that's what aspire to be
Fuck you three times, I hope you die in your sleep
You rich bastards...

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