Syntax (I Am Made Of Words) (I NEED FEED)

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Syntax (I Am Made Of Words) (I NEED FEED)

Post by ippiki_17 »

My formation is formally forsaken
An error in my syntax caused me to walk penguin
And gorge hatred in you because I was born faithless
But that's an aspersion I'm in the world lost waiting
It's hard to be a butterfly and sting like a bee
When these butterflies in my stomach keep winging in me
Strangle me please!
I'm begging for departure in the hardest times
I need a girl to give me oral sex and gargle mines
They say Gerard is fine, but that isn't the fucking case
And if your not showing me love get the fuck away
I only strive to be strong for my mothers sake
But why be the truth while knowing the others fake
It's like I'm in Asgard with an ugly cape
Without a war-hammer and a horse to runaway
With the potential of one-hundred slaves liberated
At the very bottom of a long list of paper
Rankings are so hard to conceive
Cause my effort is synonymous with garbs and weave
It's entangled at the moment, but it's yarned to breathe
So just tighten me up without alarming me
It's hard to see the outcome of all these new days
And how come when I blossom I always bloom late
Did God put me on this earth for a doomed fate
Should I cover my identity like MF Doom's face
Paint abstract pictures with red and blue paint
Or take shit loads of medicine for every mood swing
This might as well be the ultimatum of asylums
I'll probably end up preposterous and then I'm dying
Diving into the deepest part of me partying death
Pardoning stress and letting it get the best of me
If there was phentermine for obese insecurities
I'd use it until it's adiposity leaves me cordially
All of these problems can't exist in me for any longer see
It's history I'm forcing these commotions to be gone in me
Call on me God can I confide with you alone
With the Bible in my hands in the comfort of my home
When a plethora of words get embedded in my dome
Before I slur after spitting rhymes I made on my own
Please watch over my syntax and send that to heaven
The weapon is the talent and the words I'm blessed with
When decrepit I still hope I have enough to spread it
All over the entire world and teach people a lesson...SYNTAX ... ml#p189762 ... ml#p189765
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Re: Syntax (I Am Made Of Words)

Post by Shooter »

That was good bro.
It was a deep written with good multies
and vivid pictures...Keep writing

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