God's Reign

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God's Reign

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Life is just a roundabout
You'll be surprised when you find it out
Free your mind, why hide the doubt
So many assholes who ain't mature
So I treat them like the seafloor
Then wait until the anchor falls
I can't walk because my ankle's sore
I'm so injured from experience
That I ain't even made for war
I want swag but the world says I can't
And God says don't stress girls but I am
My one look makes em wanna hurl where they stand
Meditating on everyone of my words in a stance
Should I curse, should I chant, should I preach
Should I speak, should I go, should I leave
What's best for me, here we go with the same old shit
Not again, should I pray, should I sin
Or begin a new life
Who's wrong, who's right, gotta think for myself
My people wanna pressure me, I hate getting help
But it helps, wellbeing's just what I need
But I bleed, what the fuck is my elixir
Not a tree, not a peer, not a forty oz beer
Not a fear, but I got a lot fears being here
Over years, that I lived in a box
And it's locked, can I stop pain
Unlock chains, and read, then plot things
Or try to emulate that demon, and his hot fangs
Or compensate with ice cream, and hot wings
Neither one of my methods, can really stop pain
Unless I leave it to one the above, I need God's reign
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