Vengeance Applied Vol 2... Under The Influence

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Vengeance Applied Vol 2... Under The Influence

Post by Enlightend »


a room alone, no lights on, hate fills me thinkin, where has my whole life gone
flowing with anger, is the memory of this stranger, in my home that night armed
i try to close my eyes, an envision my children but his actions have cluttered my vision
years later an still this nightmare has me imprisoned knowing this fucker is living
arrested but a conviction never happened, so my lifes mission is to plunder the bitch and...
really give um a sentence that involves me expressing all of my sickest intentions
he took my kids and wife so he owes me lives and im lookin for a crimson redemption
i get the planning find his address in the phone book... PERFECT its next to the city landing
that night i fall asleep clutchin a vodka bottle, a picture of my son, and a loaded hand gun

THE NEXT DAY........

my memory was foggy but i realize my thoughts weren't just induced by the heavy drinking
an since revenge is what i was seeking I'm a do it while hes sleeping is all i was thinking
i enter his apartment at midnight first door i open and this guy is already in sight
i blast his leg then I see this bitches wife mount her and slit her wrists twice with a big knife
so now im focused on ending his life and unaware of what surrounds me...
and i hear someone, so i turn and shoot it was a child and hes only about 3
now the room seems to move and shake as i look around at my gruesome wake
i realize i made a huge mistake as i have only succeeded in becoming what i truly hate


dammit this is a sickness that cannot be lifted, and i felt my sanity cracking and chipping
so with no 2nd thoughts, the bullet is bitten i put the gun to my temple then crumbled with it

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Re: Vengeance Applied Vol 2... Under The Influence

Post by QwarterZ »

This was cool, didn't end how I thought it would've
but it works, the way I thought it was going to turn out
is he falls asleep and dreams that he/hisself is the killer
or maybe thats what you did and just didn't end it right
otherwise the feeling in this was cool
the way you made me visualized it worked
a cool lil' drop

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Re: Vengeance Applied Vol 2... Under The Influence

Post by ippiki_17 »

Very dope and dark story, chronological and all. The just wish the last part could've been longer but that's all. Good shit.

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