Rawest S*** I ever Wrote

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Rawest S*** I ever Wrote

Post by NeverOddOrEven » Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:07 am

Crazy how little of a fuck people can give
Without realizing exactly how evil it is
Honestly, a lot of times I blame weed for this shit
Cuz despite the peace that it gives
When we inhale the steam from the spliff
Apathy can be in the hit we breathe from our lips
I agree that you can smoke and have passion too
But how many of you really, truly believe that is YOU?
It’s not the drugs, it’s the attitudes
I’ve had it, I’m through
What people say is different from what they actually do
I feel like we’re washed up in this fountain of youth
I volunteer 30 hours a week to battle the world’s evil
Then go home and write raps to instill passion in other people
And as discouraged as I get, I can’t quit
If I throw in the towel, there’s nothing to clean my dirty hands with
Damn Chris, it’s a cold universe
Think of the people who hurt you, and those you hurt
But it’s all good – cuz we got life and it’s beautiful
Just help others and yourself, don’t think about what you used to do
The world is beautiful, there’s so much fun to be had
I love talking to people and I love rap
The human mind, philosophy, and getting drunk fast
Going to clubs smashed or traveling cities with just a bus pass
Spending time for social justice, I think it brings the trust back
Love the occasional adderall with coffee and a dub sack
I love my mother and brothers… what is up fam?
And it ain’t bad chillin in LA where the sun’s at
Love basketball, girls who model and talk about rap
But mostly love girls who stay the fuck out of my path
I need to get these dues paid so I can get to a new place
No time for heartbreaks, cuddle days, or cute dates
No sittin’ and figurin out why the fuck ya mood changed
I’ve got a gift, and I need to use it to make TRUE change
Shit, I’ll prolly be single till I’m fuckin forty
Chuggin forties with homies around the globe exploring
Hopefully touring
Depends on the love I get from my recordings
It’s hard to be instructive without being boring
But you’d be surprised how hard this kid here can hustle
I don’t sleep and I cut corners and don’t get in trouble
I use to run away from home just to sit alone
Plug in my headphones and dream till I’d get in the zone
Fantasize about ways I would sit on the throne
But I was still like any other broke kid that you know
So I changed my clothes, stopped chillin with criminals and hoes
Went from droppin out to only getting 4.0s
Nothin to hide, the administration at Pitzer knows
I took Life and made her my bitch and ho
Sold my blue eyes, and white skin
Genius brains, nice chin
And talked big to convince kids that I was enlightened
Give me bait, I bite in
Grab the pole and pull you right in
Copied my brothers path -- who wouldn’t wanna be like him?
Except I might lie, I might sin
While you sleep, I’m writin
This is my world and no --you are not invited.
I’m so stoked on life right now
I’m comin up, no backin down
Can’t act a clown, I’m rappin now
I’m happy now, now that’s profound
Hate to name drop, but gotta thank Lisa because
Since I stopped believing in love
My only weakness was drugs
No arrogance, but since I’ve been cleaning that up
All my challenges in life seem easy as fuck
I got no secrets, nothin’ you could embarrass me about
And a crazy way of getting through the most precarious of routes
Plus I got Sol, Moufy, and Macklemore now
Jester on the beats, I couldn’t have been more proud
Kids offering 200 bucks to get on my tracks
I haven’t even dropped an album yet, so how awesome is that?
Yea, sounds typical, college kid who wants to rap
But please believe in me, I honestly have a chance
And if you don’t … I’ll still do it
I’ll still pursue it
And when I play a show in your city, hope you feel stupid
Cuz it’s so cliché, but we can do ANYTHING WE WANT
You only get one life, SO WHY THE FUCK NOT
Fuck being a doctor, is that what you actually wanna do?
Or is it cash and a lack of passionate pursuits?
We’re all part of the world, use passion to help it function
We’re all one, so when you hurt others, it’s massively self-destructive
I’m just trying to get everyone to start waking up
And start creating love… instead of leaving it all up to fate and luck
I’m out…
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Re: Rawest Shit I ever Wrote

Post by probablyTreed » Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:14 am

the opening bars were sooo hard
stoned locomotion, im highly trained, flow fluid with pricy strains

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Lyrically Inclined
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Re: Rawest Shit I ever Wrote

Post by probablyTreed » Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:14 am

the opening bars were sooo hard
stoned locomotion, im highly trained, flow fluid with pricy strains

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Re: Rawest S*** I ever Wrote

Post by Enlightend » Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:26 am

this was cool.. fell of here and there... but it was still a good drop... good flow and the message was clear...

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Re: Rawest S*** I ever Wrote

Post by QwarterZ » Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:52 pm

This was cool my dude, had some decent lines here and there
wasn't really consistent with the flow, some lines worked others didn't
I think you just came in drunk one night and started pennin' whatever
so I won't knock you for that, atleast you did what you had to do

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