Death of my breath

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Death of my breath

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Stay always caged in enraged with my same habits/
you thought i played and stayed with the same tactics/
but the games changed i remained and the results tragic/
i became deranged insane but came back 10 times stronger bitch/
ill leave you in pain with nothin to gain like anorexic pill addict/
a rare DNA strain and go against the grain more than lenny kravitz/
everyone talkin bout the dough from shows well yall can have it/
i'd rather have no equal lead my people with my lyrics wrote on the tablet/
cause my rhymes could stand the test of time just put it in the press/
i'm back and this time i'm on a steep incline and may i suggest/
mainstreams gone and i'm just tryna connect then collect/
and project that people always try to do right but lean left/
and how the goverment seems to select then suppress/
and how its time to play it simple not complex then correct/
our past mistakes and all those wrong steps/
and may i speak the truth till the death of my breath/
Keep comments to yourself cause I heard enough chatter,
hang you by ya throat wit a rope soaked in venom of a Puff Adder

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