Silence Is Golden

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Silence Is Golden

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I met a vigorous idiot, who's about my age
He was childish as fuck, and loved video games
To hard to entertain and stuck in old his ways
He could never stay calm and had to horseplay
Tried getting in shape and could never persevere
Bullying everybody barefaced for too many years
In prospect payback reappears, you big son of a bitch
I'm just being sincere, I hate it when a person gets angry
Over something so small like a lady, but part two's up
And it's crazy, it gauged and I was still estimating
I was chilling with the team one day and I catechized
Him about his opinions on pretty broads that he liked
He told me she was hideous, mendacity was that
The next week I told her what he said and she attacked
He was mad I apologized and it wasn't accepted
I'm sorry my nigga my mouth's big get the message
Hostility would hold down everyone I knew
There's a moral in this poem I figured I'd tell you
Keep your mouth shut especially with your crew
You cannot do that shit to your friends when you cool
I thought that it would end on this road but we moved
We both friends again and that shit is a miracle... ... 23448.html
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