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I once dropped tears into a body of water
A rhythm occurred so I thought it was rain falling
The moon's gravitational pull created waves
Every crest stood out like stars in the Milky Way
I gazed into the cosmos thinking I should pray
But the thing was that, I didn't know what I could say
Failing to realize, that the Earth reacts
To my feelings, the rainwater nurtures that
And it heals me, my tear duct is an emblem
And it seals seas of sorrow, and premonitions
Painwater is a mix of my emotions and a liquid
A gift from God, the omnipotent and his riches
Exude the sky, while apart of me condenses
Over cities and towns, every store and every business
The wetter you get, the better you get, no homo
For those home, or on the road going to go home
Hold on, I don't know if weather may affect you
But step outside, cause it might just impress you
Look at the striations, don't you feel better
No more gray clouds, a life with more feathers
Let the way you feel flow, like an aqueduct
An artificial channel in which water conducts
Pulled down by gravity over thee obvious
It's important to be aware of everything that bothers us
Let the way you feel drip through holes like a bottle does
Or spend the rest of your life inside a box bottled up... ... 23279.html ... 23179.html
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Re: Painwater

Post by Defiance »

haha some poetic shit bro..

read like a poem to me... but none the less good shit.. digging the picture you potray keep it up man

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Re: Painwater

Post by ippiki_17 »

Thanks a lot bro I appreciate the feedback a lot man.

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