My Last 21

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My Last 21

Post by Demo+ »

Demo Hold Fire Arms Tight Like Cast's
My Might Trash This Fight Tha Fastest
I Stay Focus On Tha Site Like Glasses
Punch Hard So My Right Strike Catches
Knockin You Shitless Tonite Like Laxs
You Esé's Bracket Wont Rise Wit Taxes
If You A Heavyweight Imma Fuckin Blob
Get Ya Ass Kick'd Like A Donkey Mob'd
Eat Beast Tear Apes Makin Monkeys Sob
My Brain Not There Like A Junkies Job
My Touch Screen Games Like Clumsy Bob
Beef Gets Silenced Like Hungry Throbs
So Get Crazy Talkin All That Gore Gob
N My Right Handlin You Like DoorKnobs
Your A Sure Slob Corny Like Four Cobs
U A Fuckin Pussy Like Some Whore Snob
Actually These Asswipes Not Shit Dude
Brains Gettin Press'd Like Hot Issues
Best Extra Soft Call It Scott Tissues
Wen I Use Lip Balm Til I Drop Missles

I Make King Kong Hold Hands Wit Barney N Sing Songs
Mo Bars Than Jail Cant Reach Bail Ringin Ding Dongs

Im So Cruel I'll Close U Up Like OVALS
I Flow Goo Thats Golden Here Like Goku
Imma Own Ya N Get W's Like I Clone'd U
Imma Jus Sit Calm N Cooley Drool Frees
N Arm'd Heavy Duty Wit War Ready Oozis
So Im Unruly Truly My Lungs Ewee Gooey
Kicink Spits Like Kung Foo'ing Loogeys
Its Demo.lition I Bomb Thru U Smoothly
U Dumbys Stupid Booey Super Hooey Wen I Break Minds
Look. Im Militant N Your Only A Play Wit Take Lines
Tough Til My Gun Enter Missions' Like Its Breaktime
U Pussies Aint Fuckin Wit Me So Guess Its Rape Time
Cuz Its Im Ah' Fuckin Beast Or Jus Ah' Beast Fuckin
Jus Puttin Chickens To Rest N Leavin Sheets Cluckin
So Fuck It Yard Full Of Australian Graves Jus For U
If U Act Up Get Ya Act Sent' Outback Like Buckeroos

2 Words For Scotty

Quicksand His Text Plan N Ground Em Like Coffee Beans
This Tran Ah' X Man So Im On Scotts Girl Im Wolverine
I'll Stomp King James Verse In Until My Name Was Kirk
N If He Came Wit Heat I'll Simply Beat James Like Dirk

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Re: My Last 21

Post by Enders »

Ahahahaahahaaha, NICE signature man.

Seemed pretty cool, not really sure what you're saying outside of being mad and not liking Scotty, decent read though. Ever plan on going audio with it?
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Re: My Last 21

Post by Kause mc »

LOL @ the sig :lol:
nice written tho man real cool flow. stay up. 1
bringin' heat but not the same shit your cats on

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Re: My Last 21

Post by Defiance »

nice shit man.. it would translate well into an audio piece which is all that really matters.. great flow.. some simple punches but they landed..

keep dropping man

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Re: My Last 21

Post by ippiki_17 »

Your punchlines are pretty dope, I know they'll be even better in the future so keep dropping.

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