The Loneliest Heart

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The Loneliest Heart

Post by ippiki_17 »

I am not a christian, but I rescind sin
To the best of my ability, but I'm pretending
To impress the rat race, suppress the black race
Distress myself and inject the last days
Halfway with bad ways, obtained by the archangel
I'm a fictional character in a dark fable
And the apologue is based on backing off
From the truth as we know it, accepting it as we fall
Like Lucifer, my wingspan's worthless
I fell from the heavenly city into the surface
Cracked my sternum, that enabled every flight
My body burns, smoldering, am I dead or alive
Better decide now if I want this to happen
Actions impacted the family anatomy
Regretful, what for I learned more than once
Final moments arrive, right before the torture comes
Do or die, no suicide, excuses to elude the mind
Become futile, cause humans are glued to time
So who am I, to expose my own fate
There must be a better way, I'm hearing my soul say
Old days are over, no gold plates, silver spoons
I was born with nothing and I thought about killing you
Had an interview with myself in the speculum
I thought about forgetting every lie and accepting him
For who he is, and finish secluding shit
Very, very smart, but I feel like the stupidest
In comparison, to the people that I know
My highs are in disguise and I'm peeking at my lows
I'm bleeding in a stove, overheating my emotions
The hypothalamus I have is eager for explosion
Cause it can't endure it, can't endure it any longer
Wind starts to gust through him brewing then the storm comes
Lifting him up, twisting, and spinning in a motion
That can't be stopped, I'm sick of living in the open
Get rid of me and choke me, evince my fear
Which is death without love in existence here! ... ml#p176823 ... 23179.html

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Re: The Loneliest Heart

Post by Thu Hem »

This shit was tight,
could break it down much...
but i enjoyed it.

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Re: The Loneliest Heart

Post by Defiance »

yeah man snappin flow shorter bars again delivering for you

liked the sinister feel to it

keep dropping

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Re: The Loneliest Heart

Post by ippiki_17 »

Thanks my fellow emcee's

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