"Infinite Departure"

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"Infinite Departure"

Post by ippiki_17 »

"Infinite Departure" is one of my euphemisms
I wanna leave this son of a bitch, and never do different
Travel to Italy, treasuring money for expenses
'Modulate' my 'modern day' and ponder for a minute
Consistent 'letdowns', environment's 'x'd out'
Depressed smiles, everyday life of an 'exile's'
Stressed out, yeah what's a 'man to do'
Complain his entire life until he 'answers you'
Dear God, gimme a guide or a 'manual'
Individualize it, for me to be unanimous
Moderate politics in America 'bother me'
But enough of that topic, for that reason I gotta leave
Shit, paradise would be nice for a while
The absence of evil, and no more denial
Feeble thoughts you once had as child
Vanish faster then Batman's motorcycle
That's not liable in trying to escape
The everyday struggle that I face and embrace
Adjacent to Satan and 'distant to God'
Can't be a man when you think a 'bitch is in charge'
The other way around in a path going down
Is to steep for me to climb up right now
Supersede the authority of every demon
Fuck it! We just need something to believe in
Positivity's cool, negativity's unneeded
Fun, energy, and activity is genius
Preaching's iffy to me, I'm not sure
I been to the House Of The 'Lord before'
They judged me before I hit the 'corridor'
I want a battering ram, to fuck up all of they doors
Transport this boy to an enormous home
Just for serenity, 'all alone'
No noise, no drama, no 'cordless phones'
Just "Infinite Departure" my only hope http://www.illestlyrics.com/board/last- ... ml#p176347 http://www.illestlyrics.com/board/the-p ... 23081.html
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Re: "Infinite Departure"

Post by Ryth »

Woah, shit man, really digging the flow on this one!
You ripped it, I'll be looking forward to reading more of your pieces.
Like the way you mixed relaxed, more everyday expressions with the use of a more profound language.


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Re: "Infinite Departure"

Post by Defiance »

feeling this man.. nice flow.. got a great vocab.. only part i could critique would be that some barrs didnt really rhyme to the fullest extent..

but nice shit man

keep dropping

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