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Re: Catch22- Raw

Post by blokB »

I dig the opening line bro. R.I.P Eydea..... the rest i fealt was solid. nice flow. sorta poetic even

*And how you ever gonna get to know the real me
If I filter what I'm sayin cause I'm tryna sound filthy
Dope sir...... much love
*Good music? We wanna see famous faces
If this is adolescence, we've extended its stages
Go on Youtube and act like a racist
But not before updating our Facebook pages!
Also dope. i love how you seem to be hitting society in the jaw.

Much love dawg. i like this alot. nice drop
We must always and forever have hip-hops best interest at heart. We must allow ourselves to be critical of the music and culture so that ideas and beliefs that aren’t progressive can be eliminated and made unattractive to our youth. Our allegiance to Hip Hop has to be about more than romanticized ideas of misogyny, materialism, murder and mayhem. Instead our allegiances must be rooted in what we individually and collectively determine beneficial. The story of misogyny, materialism, murder and mayhem doesn’t end well. We’ve got proof. Doing what one believes is individually and collectively beneficial may allow for a better ending. Or better yet, no ending at all.
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Re: Catch22- Raw

Post by Omnie »

This is the first drop I peep from you, and I gotta say it was a tight one. I like the personal aspect of it. I like the closing line because I always feel like, no matter what, I can put on my headphones and breeze thru the rest of the day. Not because I'm dealing with anything serious, but just cuz I can. Anyways, solid piece, looking forward to more drops.

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Re: Catch22- Raw

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Good stuff.

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Re: Catch22- Raw

Post by IntrinsicCadence »

Alright, I can feel this piece. I appreciate the Macklemore name drop since I just discovered him a couple weeks ago and have been listening to his shit non-stop since then. The flow of this is nice, although I think it'd be a lot better in an audio format with the right kinda rhythm and beat accompanying it. The content has some real good bars and some that could be improved. I felt like it started to loose a bit of steam gradually as it went along though. But if the energy built up with the audio delivery style I think that wouldn't be so much of a concern.

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