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Re: Catch22- V's

Post by DaPrince »

This was sick bro. It was a uniquely done in that you stuck with 1 letter versus the traditional alphabet or numbered list and I enjoyed that. I liked the imagery that developed throughout it also and I didn't see that ending coming. I'd definitely wanna hear this an audio.
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Re: Catch22- V's

Post by aLb »

"violently violate a virgin after a fake vasectomy" - HA!
aka Riggz u bitcheeeees!!!!

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Re: Catch22- V's

Post by Haz »

Vindictively worked to become a valedictorian
my salary's sorta been a vision of vindication
workin hard in college so I can take a videlicet vacation

Stand Out Point.

Def Elevated from your days of Shitty lyrics

I'd say this is Good, U show A lot of potential,
Just keep working at it, even go back N make this smoother

eitherway cool piece

Keep Dropping

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Re: Catch22- V's

Post by The Man »

Good stuff, don't know what the retard above me means, you've always been pretty decent, just lazy at times.

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