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Re: Catch22- Time

Post by FlipSide »

Mmmm I Dunno Ma... I Kinda Feel The Subject Of Time.. Theres A Couple Good Bars In There Too... Seems Like U More Going For The Energy Which Is Cool.. Cuz Theres Some Difference In The Length Of Ya Bars.. Toward The End.. If U Gonna Record It I Would Like To Read It To The BEat As Well. I Also Did Not Get The Word Nilihism Right Away...
And This Was An Aiight Line Right Here Bro... Creative
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Re: Catch22- Time

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Yea, I remember having to use some of those words in community college libral philosphy class 101. Sacrates and nilihisim and why the fuck am I here type shit.

hey don't laugh. My GED is as good as any Harverd diploma! LOL.

good luck on the project man. Loved the Plan B line!
aka Riggz u bitcheeeees!!!!

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