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your Goonies? Pair of nerdz. watch you Duck Like a Loony character!
claim you streets but u be scared of burbz im not rick but yet i cruely flare on herbz
how you stronger then i my dick longer then ties so you cant fuck with me
threesome still cant fuck with me even being my siamise twin you wouldnt touch on me!
i cut you and let hobos fuck you literally a girl touch me i still hit her b
if she still in my bed i'll still kick her b like a game of soccer
you wouldnt defeat me if you had a gang of jockers

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Re: hot!

Post by MesaR »

You are an idoit.
..Fuck that gay shit you say on a beat..

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Re: hot!

Post by - Mutual - »

The Eagerness Is Putrid My Fluids Acid Leaves You Vexed Like Black Holes
Your Inept To Correct Stretched Like Fat Folds Perplexed Like Castro
I'm So Tenacious With Rhymes Sensatious So Patient With Lines
While You Fill Your Writtens With Filler And So Stay Vacant In Mind
I'm Amiable But Too Your Haters I Appease Your Arcane Admissions
Dark Games No Vision Your Avarice Lead To Scarred Shamed Partitions
So Callous In His Candor You Have To Coerce For Neglect
For Worse Or For Best I'm Confidant With A Verse Of Respect


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Re: hot!

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E-Makulate Metaphorz
" Ya'll Can't Stop Tha Movement!! "

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