AntiMaTTer vs Shazo (Quarter-Finals)

2011 Illest Topical Tournament for the belt!

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Re: AntiMaTTer vs Shazo (Quarter-Finals)

Post by Arvincible » Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:38 am

lmao after reading both ur shit i aint scurred hahahah


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Re: AntiMaTTer vs Shazo (Quarter-Finals)

Post by 88SkyLink » Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:18 am

Nice battle man, prolly the best one as QB said...Heres the category

- Storytelling -
Shazo got this one for me. Anti's verse was more informative and was more of an opinion while Shazo's verse, despite not being informative, was more narrative (+1 Shazo)

- Flow -
Anti had the better flow, the multis weren't forced and it was smooth and easy to spit. Shazo had some of his multis forced, and his lines were a little stretched (+1 Anti)

- Creativity -
This one was kinda tough. This topic is vaguely done, so you couldn't expect an obvious approach to the topic. Anti had was creative with the informations he gave, which was really unique, but I feel this topic was best approached with a story-like verse, which was executed by Shazo very well, So Shazo Gets this one for me (+1 Shazo)

- Rhyme scheme -
Same as the flow..Anti gets this one (+1 Anti)

- Metaphors & Similes -
I wouldn't say that they were used, and I don't blame them for not using it. It will be difficult to apply that for it would kinda make their verse inconsistent, so neither (1/2)

-Consistency -
I'll give it to Anti. He stuck with his informative style of verse strongly from beginning to end (+1 Anti)

-Impact -
This one, like the creativity category, was also a tough one to call. They both managed to make me hate Science for different reasons, but I would say Shazo cuz his verse, especially his last bar, hit me really hard (+1 Shazo)

As far as the categories concern..the score is (Anti)3.5 - 3.5(Shazo)

A really good battle, it was a strong verse from the both of you. This was the kind of battle whereby any of these two would win, it wasn't one-sided , if any of you two went through, I wouldn't be surprised.

All in All, it was a really tough call, but I gotta give it to Shazo. I say this cuz his verse had a story, which IMO was the most important thing any topical verse should have. Not taking anything away from Anti..the guy came out really strong with an amazing verse, but Shazo came with an evenly matched verse. If Anti posted a verse with a story with the same skill applied to the verse he put on this battle, he would've one..Again, nice battle

As I said..MVGT Shazo


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Re: AntiMaTTer vs Shazo (Quarter-Finals)

Post by ScottJames » Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:37 am

i cant vote cuz Anti is crew, however this was a really good battle, both had completely different storys in this. i enjoyed the history that anti brought and i also enjoyed the story that shaz brought. i would vote prolly vote Shazo cuz im a story teller kinda guy... but it doesnt count so its all good.

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Re: AntiMaTTer vs Shazo (Quarter-Finals)

Post by AntiMaTTer » Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:18 am

ive told a story in every single topical tourny/battle i ever done.

yall bitches need to expand your horizons.

IL record:

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Re: AntiMaTTer vs Shazo (Quarter-Finals)

Post by The Architect » Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:41 am

i found shazo to be more entertaining as far as storytelling goes, anti was more informative, good battle though, shazo wins by tko 4-1

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