Family Ties: Part 1 of 5 - The Street

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Family Ties: Part 1 of 5 - The Street

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Ill submit the facts that I know you dont get hit with gats or hype with tracks
Typin rap, youre likin that, I can take words reverse em and then flip em back
Trip the rats, clip the fat, then sniff the vats of blood where I have your family at
Im a sick fuck, mind rage then I get buck, dont try to get tough with ya gun bluff
I run rough, I tread steady, Ill bump up n dump slugs wit a fun touch to a nuns muff
Not enough, religion is a crutch, their mission is too much, fishing for blood and lust
A front its a must, belief is a bust, take a torch to the pages n turn the faith into dust
Ya face into mush, get rid of the holy book to roll with crooks now ya cold and shook
I told the rooks not to their mold their looks but they got hooked and the souls got took
Thats life right? Live everyday like its your last night, even though you cant get past strife
Pass fights, or get sent on your last flight layin in blood throat gets slit by a fast knife
Thats tight, no its not, ya moms wallows in fear, ya dad gets drunk n swallows a beer
A hollow to ear, proving you can persevere, but ya fam in all black, now follow me here
Im starin at a casket, with a man layin in his best drobe, eyes closed, sleepin in dress clothes
Always one to stress foes, had a confess note, did what he did cuz he wanted to impress bros
But the best road would have been to do less dope, less coke, and one day invest hope
Into the minds of those who struggle with dimes but now his necktie look more like a neck rope
Hung himself in the streets, tryna put shoes on his feet, so he coulda leave his crew for a week
He knew he was weak, drugs pruned at his teeth, wanted to get better this he knew he could defeat
So it was this test and he was done, the rest just wasnt fun, he'll leave the rest to his gun
Pressed up to run, fessed up to none, now his father looks down at the coffin of his son

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