FINAL FOUR -- Scott James Vs. M-Vario

Compete for the Illest textcee belt that was vacated a couple months ago. The winner of the tournament can claim best textcee on the site. Enjoy the tournament.

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FINAL FOUR -- Scott James Vs. M-Vario

Post by ScottJames »

Fuckin Ban-This-Gay-Queer! Theres No Buzz About You, Not Even If U SLAMMED-LIKE-8-BEERS..
I Got This Man-In-Great-Fear Cuz In This Battle..Watch "M-(Dash) Away" Like Santa's-Reigndeer!!
This Guys High!! Is There A Can-Of-Paint-Near? U Best Believe I Drop-Deadly-In-Text..
Scotts-Ready-For-Next..Cuz Ur Nothin. Ill Easily "Sleigh Competition" Without A Bobsledding-Event!!
Prolly Hasnt Stopped-Wetting-His-Bed.. Fry-This-Geek, Ya Fuckin Right JAMES Provide-The-HEAT..
He Bites His Tongue When He Fights-Wit-Me Cuz He "Knows To Keep Quiet" Like Hide-n-Seek!!
Seriously, This Guy-Is-Weak, Yup, He's Low-In-The-Ranks While I Flow-Wit-The-Greats..
Youd Think Hes Throwin-A-Prank Cuz M So Boring He Wouldnt "Raise Interest" With Loans-From-The-Bank!!
He Better Be Showin-Me-Thanks For Even Sayin His Name!! Hes Never Faced A Man-This-Witty..
I'll Blam Him Till His Stance-Is-Dizzy Then Put Him In A "State Of Misery" Like Kansas-City!!
And Its A Pity He Tries To Feel-Important So Imma "Kill This Kid" Like A Real Abortion..
Dawg Ive Already Sealed-The-Score-n Imma Get "By/Buy U" Without Playin Wheel-Of-Fortune!!
Only Get Head When Ya Peel-Ya-Foreskin!! Look Kid, Take A Look Around, I Prey-On-Challengers..
I'll Easily Slaughter U So U Can "Count On Your Days Being Numbered" Like The Mayan-Calender!!
Cant Match My Caliber Cuz My Text-Can-Kill-A-Cat Believe I'm Best-With-Iller-Raps..
Maim Ya With The Blade Of A Hatchet Then Watch As U Get Laid Inna Casket Like Necrophiliacs!!!
Ekmos - KO ... Duc3 - KO ... Jesodist - KO ... MagicMark - KO ... Animul_Instinkz - KO ... Old Rotten - KO ... Dr Kevorkian - KO ... Ambition - KO ... Eclipse - KO ... Domino - 5-3 ... Crimson - KO ... MC Scars - KO ... Modern Defiance - KO ... Tempest - KO ... QwarterZ - KO ... TreTru - KO ... Quix - KO ... Grim/Leeroi Green - KO ... Knowmad - KO ... Cre@tiv3 - KO ... MVario - TKO ... Hazard - KO ... ER - KO ... Colossus - KO ... FlipSide - KO ... JackDaRippa - KO ... JSteel - KO ... Kau The Lion - KO ... 32Neilz - KO ... Evolution - TKO ... Shazo - KO ... CBK - KO
Cee4 - 5-3

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