FINAL FOUR -- Jack Da Rippa Vs. Quix

Compete for the Illest textcee belt that was vacated a couple months ago. The winner of the tournament can claim best textcee on the site. Enjoy the tournament.

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Re: FINAL FOUR -- Jack Da Rippa Vs. Quix

Post by Quix »

Aigh, i won't be on later, so here it goes!

G'luck Jack

Look ...
Rippa ain't ill ... sounding like a Bitch when he Rap ... reading about Quix, and nigguh Wishing he that!
this lame enjoys Dicks in his ass ... so i'm a run over this bitch And leave 'Jack under the car' like Fixing a Flat

Look Jack, Its Curtains Dog, i'm a Murk his drop ... we can see he shaking in his boats like a Person's cough
all your verses flopped ... so i'm a put dah gat to his Top, and have 'Jack in the box' like Circuis props

Fuck the weak nigguhz ... i neglect dah average heads! when Jack spitting we expect some laughter ... heck!
Mah text will slash-your neck! because 'Jack-shit' like the amount of Respect that hazzard gets (HAZZARD AKA AMBITION = most clowned on the site)

Your not legit, Your scriptz are risky .... your not close tah mah skill, you ain't Spitting with-me
even if Quix was fifty (years old) .... cuz we only feeling 'hard shots from JD' when Sipping whisky (Jack Da rippa)

we can see your ass, like you split yah dickies ... when he spit, i Can't help but Snore Around-him,
face it, your shit Jack, cuz we only peeping 'Ripp Tracks' when we Can't afford the Album (RIPP tracks = Burned Cd's/Tracks)

don't be fooled, he ain't cool we know he trash! ... he blows, watch me exposed his ass
reload dah gat ...look threw da scope then blast ... till dah doctors 'Stich up rips' like sewing class

I actually like JAck ... but here he's fairing poorly ... claim yah blow herbs away but can't afford weed!
FUCK you bore dah only time we see him 'Bare arms' is Wearing Short Sleeves (short sleeves expose bare arms)

vote fair, and explain your votes!

no votes from Ambition or Crimson obviouslly!
Real Recognize Real ... who dah Fuck is you???

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Re: FINAL FOUR -- Jack Da Rippa Vs. Quix

Post by JDR »

Aiight...time up nigga


He tryna match THOSE spits wit Jack, sit, relax, My style constipated, coz this asshole, don't give a crap
But the facts show tha kidd is whack, Coz I heard that Q Been Street, but thats just Castro's city Maps

Even Haz knows you a bitch wit Rap, I've witnessed that, Punches can cook ya eyelids
I guess it's took some time Quix, but realize the way u & HazBeen, and wonder why you look behind kidd

This niggas shook from my shit, the rhymes sick, so no wonder the dude is dyin' fast
It's easy to lose ya life wit that, but he more interested in Duckin' Cees like he in a Scuba Divin' Class

I'm surprised you'd choose to write wit Jack, this is twice we've matched, and another distorted verse to me
so of course he ordered another worthless free, but it's still not a problem to drop ya Res Q like an aborted emergency

I got da board in an urgency, tha worst defeat, I seen ya punches, they soft as shit Q
Imma off this Quix fool, the way he runs his mouth cocky, he prolly tries to walk his dick too

I thot this bitch knew, punches like undersized batteries, they kill the life of it
Niggas aint neva feeled or liked u Quix, they notice if a Bar B Qs, and wanna either GRILL or FRY tha shit

That’s the deal, I’m too nice for kidd, amazed n clued in, this niggas raped n chewed thin
But really, I hate to do this, tell Rug, it’s no prob goin’ a ROUND wit him, givin the shape that Qs in

Get a taste of truth kidd, my punches go close up and litterrly blow chump before its news
I get so pumped for whorin’ Q, coz those inflatable Reindeer get used once a year & still blow up more than you

Yup. Fugetaboutit
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Re: FINAL FOUR -- Jack Da Rippa Vs. Quix

Post by complexity »

Jack Da Rippa Wins

-records updated-

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