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Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:43 am
by Quix
Look out nigguh cuz here-Comes a Factor; and you ain't Real, its clear your an Actor!
when it comes to rap, I'll Topple yours, then 'Bottle Quarts' faster than Beer Manufacturs

I'm a melt this old Lame Dyke! cuz all of Illest can Tell yah whole games hyped!
and how we supposed tah believe your Aims nice ... when you can't even Spell yah own name right

Excuse me, but you lack Game you bitch! refrain from those Lame Whack claims you spit!
we know your a hobo ... cuz we only ever seen 'Zone with green' in Matt Damon Flicks ...

I keeps artilary and dah Glocks Cold and its mean; Pops foes in the street cops Roll when i creep!
its funny haha and your cheering section resembles your avatar nigguh ... Not a Soul to be Seen

pfft, its sad that i liked bruh. ... you like a lil pussy ass boxer ... but you lack all the fight cuz!
Trash like some Pipe Rust! and look ... this is 'clearly your final round' like Last Call at night clubs

Qwerter?? He's all talk and show ... main This lil Nigguh won't cut shit like expensive Diamonds!
you can't afford tah Rap ... So watch the shots hit 'Quarter's back' harder than Defensive Lineman

when you saw Quix vs Qwerter ... you darted ... and started knowing yah lucks down;
i ain't gon pretend homes ... when i say i'm a 'End-Zone (n Zone) like throwing a touchdown


Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:45 am
by QwarterZ
Look homey I'll leave you dusted, leanin' like you on a kickstand
trumpin' ya hold, leave 21 sinkin' in you, see how I deal Quix hand/quick sand

if you claim you packin' heaters in your gym bags n ur guts still intact
I'ma say fuck Quix/quicks, I'll supply his fat ass a reason to run n get him Slim Fast

plus how can this lame b, be Q? I rather serve him when I sautee his ribs
all he does is hide behind a veil, his sheik proves he's all J'd of Kiss

I'll treat his name like the whole page when you want to leave and get out
get it? let me repeat, treat his name like the page, I'll Q/cue you as I X out

your prolly the first dude that had a whole crew to leave you on your lonely
or maybe they just drop'd from you, moved on and you still think y'all is homies

keep playin' like you the illest, you don't know Jack bout influence
I'll burn your ass if you jumpin' over the flame, that's where we Q wicks

it's obvious you ain't shit, we battling for the belt you supposed to be holdin'
and if you think I'm taking you serious right now click on the link I show n open*


Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:12 am
by complexity
Quix Wins

-records updated-