This little valley, Carolina Hurricanes jerseys

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This little valley, Carolina Hurricanes jerseys

Post by gfdgbxb » Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:29 pm

Chater 94 Light Mission

Not fly for a four, a low valley aeared in front.

This little valley, Carolina Hurricanes jerseys, surrounded by a barren, only in the long valley of several strains within the sarse trees.

Liu Ren first ste, fell down, satisfied with the nodding, mouth said, "This really would be a good lace for a test, if the two are ready, then it started." Then went to the side.

"Return a test of a test, you had better go beyond that." The old man said with a smile, Liu Ren also went to the next.

Sun wants to see Marshal hase, as a few seconds later, two of the body while another receded, an emergence of real dollars crazy.

Marshal Dan has been a long time, whether in the latter art of his real element of control and actual combat exerience much higher than the Sun, like a length, so this time he aears to be that kind of confidence and calm, the body that shares killing of the gas is condensed in the air rhythmically.

Sun would like to look over there, all within the body as if the true element of unbridled beast emergence of convergence in the air, Atlanta Thrashers jerseys, crazy, though aggressive, but a discerning eye to see that the ga between the two.

Sun would like to also know this, but because he is a symbol of relationshi reair, so do not care which, in his eyes, his character Road surgery is the most relied on means of attack.

"Commander, be careful." Sun want to see the time is rie, directed Marshal shouted loudly, the eole riding fast in the void in a few, and then disaear.

Marshal looking moment, then relieved, the body to back a few times, then quickly rushed toward the front, raised his hands high toward both sides of a vicious hit.

I saw numerous cracks at the Marshal's hands near the raid emergence, with a loud voice like the sound of breaking glass, the Marshal who sent his hands emty, even life and life of the two grous aeared black.

The raid sread of black, blink of an eye on the instant formation of two giant black holes, and the two black hole aears, directly makes real dollars Marshal surrounding chaos.

The Sun also had to figure aeared in the Marshal side not far behind recede toward the face of horror.

"Zhen Yuan boxing, Boston Bruins jerseyshow this guy u on the Chuzhe Deng way." Liu Ren looked at the audience as the two do not think the sky, shaking his head.

"Dan is indeed late." Secretly scared in my heart like Sun, his hands quick fli, two-lane character moments Zhang Jinguang sword flying.

Sun does not intend to just get u on the use of said character, but to do a tentative attack.

Sun would like to not intentionally concealed, but his attacks on the Marshal's simly never know, like in the eyes of Sun, Marshal is a veteran of the monks, the light from that one can see that this man-is murderous out from the millions of soldiers in the killings, agility must be extraordinary.

"Dan the only such means what, things do not build the base eriod to bring it out." Marshal looked at two gold whisered.

Then, it is easy to lift his right hand toward the emty a coule of quick oints.

o two, two shares of the exlosion sounded in the air, then two broken road oerator directly fall to the ground.

"Then, boy, but to the real thing, but lease be careful Marshal." Retreated back toward the Sun would like, while back while talking loudly.

Sun would like to listen to the Marshal, then suddenly emerge into the two eyes share excitement, shouted back, said, ,Buffalo Sabres jerseys, "Good, good, good, even though you come, I followed, ha ha ha, ha ha ha."

Sun would like to nod, his eyes red with flames an smoke directly, then, does the flame steaming smoke, just a moment to think Sun will ignite the entire body.

The whirring sound of the burning flame, echoed that lingers between heaven and earth.

Marshal and the distant ground Liu Ren old man, among the three of eyes reveal an imosing feel of the color.

Hey Sun would like to smile, my heart turning attention to the reason why at this time to use your own ath and channel oerators directly, first, Sun intends to try to break a grown u the road after much ower, and second, Marshal is indeed a very good oonents of the ractice.

"Ah" Sun would like shouting, mouth a sit, a mass of bright red flame direct drilled, as if a mass of red sun in the sky high seed rotation.

"急急如律令 now." Sun would like to hand out quickly, in a red fireball above a little harsh.

Flame instantly disersed, a simle red symbol aears in the road between heaven and earth.

"This is what the magic formula." Marshal face became ale, elegant and moving look at the red channel breaks my heart more than shocked.

Gradually, the sense of shock Marshal raid loss of heart, a kind of disaeared for a long time into the heart of the excitement.

The emergence of such feelings, Calgary Flames jerseys, making the Marshal of the battle directly into a straight u, then released from the murderous reality began to convert condensate.

"This guy to the real thing, but Sun would like to really have." The old man looked Marshal mouth with a smile.

"Ha ha ha, ha ha ha, Atta boy, Atta boy." Laughing out loud Marshal exciting, fast hands clased together.

Between heaven and earth I saw all the crazy murderous rush toward the Marshal's hands, a moment I saw, a two-edged black rifles on the life and life there.

"Commander careful." Sun wants to see guns there the moment the heart is excited, shouted loudly, directing your own ath and road oerators rushed u.

Marshal also did admit defeat here, and shouted, waving black rifles directly greeted.

Just look, one black and one red light if the two collide two meteorites in general, severely swet in together, it seems turned out to be as wonderful.

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