MenaCe vs ENLIGHTEND (Light wins via NO SHOW)

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MenaCe vs ENLIGHTEND (Light wins via NO SHOW)

Post by -MenaCe- »

6 Barz.....
House Rules....

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Post by Enlightend »

QUICK EXPOS... He Has Vanished from the site a few times, Camille Grammer is Kelsie Grammers Hot wife,
This is his "COMEBACK", He caps the MC in his name MenaCe, and he has 40 or so battles and almost half losses...

ok now lets get it..

i read his past battles, an i get the feelin that this kid menace is LESS THEN ILLIN
so i wont bring the PANE(pain)!!!! but 'i still draw a WIN-THOUGH'(window).. 'PEN-A-SILL-IN'(penicillin)

cuz im a SURGEON dropping greatness, and POUNDIN ON UR CHEST cause i just LOST MY PATIENTS
now my OBSERVATION is these punches finna leave ya FACE LIT UP like im PLAYING OPERATION

yur bout to get a loss, and this will get a crossed the fact ur wack and SO U BETTER STOP
although im going easy instead of hard, cause just FLASHES OF HEAT is enough make MENA-PAUSE(menopause)

so why try an rap its CLEAR son, only way u DISS-A-PEER(disappear) is like a FAT CHICKS TAMPON
immaculate and metaphoric, thats a pair-a-lies(paralyze)... in fact ur come-BACKS BEEN SLAMMED ON

cus he isnt touchin my skill, yep MenaCe aint FUCKIN COME-ILL(Camille) if he was KELSIE GRAMMER
so tell um dont press me fam cause im so LEGIT he CANT TOUCH THIS, yeah i LEAVE MC HAMMERED

DEATH BY-KEY(BI-KE) on ur headstone after u try an HANDLE THESE BARS as they get thrown at ya
even his record confirms L's ARE RIGHT for this bastard like ur WEARIN YA HEADPHONES BACKWARD!!!
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Post by Alvin »

Enlightend wins via NO SHOW


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