Illest Cash REWARDS

We use to take it to the streets with graffiti, now we take it online with graphic designing, photography, scanning, so show us what you got... Anything visual arts!

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Illest Cash REWARDS

Post by Kuhlerblynd »

For those of you that are new to the site, or are completely oblivious to what I'm referring to when I say ILLEST CASH, let me explain what ILLEST CASH is, and how each and every one of you can earn more of it.

ILLEST CASH is a feature on Illest Lyrics which allows people to use the 'cash' as tokens for the arcade, which is located at the top of every screen on Illest Lyrics (unless you are using the mobile app). Some people have used the cash to play the games and pass the time, while others haven't seemed very interested in playing any of the games, or maybe they just don't have the time to waste...

ILLEST CASH is rewarded to members of Illest Lyrics for doing TWO very simple things: 1- Creating new threads for other members. Whether it's a piece posted in the Written Section, an audio made available in the Booth forum, or a new type of cypher started in the Cypher forum, anyone who creates a new thread is rewarded by automatically receiving a predetermined amount of ILLEST CASH. 2- Replying to already created threads. Leaving feedback on someone else's poem, voting in a battle, or talking trash in Illest's Fight Club will also help you to earn more ILLEST CASH.

Illest Lyrics depends on the members of the site to keep the forums active, to continue to post new material or topics of discussion, and to give personal opinions pertaining to another person's artwork, regardless of the fashion in which that art is displayed. Without each and every member here at Illest Lyrics, this site would not existed. It's because of the members, not the admins or the forum moderators, that Illest Lyrics has survived for so long, and will continue to do so. Every one, from the founder(s) of Illest Lyrics to the newest of members, should appreciated every one else's time and commitment to the site.

To show you how much the 'management' of Illest Lyrics appreciates your membership and dedication to the site, we have decided to let the members spend their earned ILLEST CASH in other ways. ILLEST CASH is no longer limited to the arcade. The other admins and the moderators of Illest Lyrics have recognized four areas where we can provide certain things to the members of the site. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO MAKE OTHER SUGGESTIONS BESIDES THE ONES LISTED BELOW, PLEASE SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO MY INBOX AND I WILL PERSONALLY BRING IT TO THE ATTENTION OF THE STAFF OF ILLEST LYRICS. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM POSTING ANYTHING IN THIS THREAD EXCEPT FOR MAKING 'PURCHASES' WITH YOUR ILLEST CASH FOR THE SPECIFIC ITEMS/FEATURES LISTED BELOW.

1) The first, and cheapest, item that can be bought with ILLEST CASH is also the most simple. A name change. For example, if I wanted to change my name from Kuhlerblynd back to Murk McNasty, then I would be required to have a certain amount of ILLEST CASH. We are no longer changing names for people who do not have the required amount of ILLEST CASH. Even if you're name is Comeback Kid (for example) and you only wish to shorten the name to C.B.K., you will STILL be expected to have the amount of ILLEST CASH that is required for a name change. As long as you have the correct amount, and you are not in an open battle of any kind at the time, then I will gladly take the time to make the appropriate changes.

Amount of ILLEST CASH needed to make a name change - $20,000

2) The second item we are offering to the members, is a Custom Rank. This has never really been 'offered' to the members of Illest Lyrics before now. Some members asked an admin or a moderator to change their Custom Rank in the past, with some success and some being denied. Now you can choose what you want your Custom Rank to say, and I will make the changes happen for you. If anyone does not know what a Custom Rank is, allow me to point it out for you. My Custom Rank says BUT I SEE RIGHT THRU YOU underneath my name in every post on the site, including this post. Custom Ranks have been predetermined for everyone based on the amount of posts they have. Before now, pretty much the only way you could get your Custom Rank to change is if you obtained a certain number of posts, and even then you weren't able to have it customized into something you wanted. Those days are gone though. If you have enough ILLEST CASH, then you can have your Custom Rank say whatever your heart desires.

Amount of ILLEST CASH needed to buy a personalized Custom Rank - $45,000

3) The third idea we came up with for the members of Illest Lyrics to spend their ILLEST CASH on is Global Announcements. Some people find it's not something they are interested in, while many members of the site have asked us to post links to their mixtapes and albums, among other things, on the site as Global Announcements. A Global Announcement is a thread, just like this one, that can been seen from ANY forum on the site. It allows for people who might not look in certain forums to be able to notice your thread with links to your mixtape, or your newest piece of written work. Obviously, this isn't going to be taken advantage of. I don't want people acting silly and buying a Global Announcement just to put a picture of goats getting jiggy with it because they find it funny. Common sense and respect for the other members of the site should be used when purchasing the right to have a thread, belonging to you, posted on Illest Lyrics as a Global Announcement.

Amount of ILLEST CASH needed for Global Announcements -
TWO WEEKS - $50,000
FOUR WEEKS - $75,000
SIX WEEKS - $100,000

4) The fourth item you can purchase with your ILLEST CASH is a custom made signature, like the one I have below with Collectively ILL flashing in it. A description of what you would like included in the signature, such as pictures or lettering, along with the colors you wish to have, needs to be listed in this thread when you ask to purchase a custom signature. DUE TO THE TIME IT TAKES FOR SIGNATURES TO BE MADE, A POSSIBLE 'HIGH' DEMAND FOR SIGNATURES AT ANY GIVEN TIME, AND GIVING THE PEOPLE WHO ARE OFFERING THEIR TIME TO CREATE THESE SIGNATURES, THERE IS NOT A SET TIME FRAME IN WHICH YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR SIGNATURE. Everyone will work as quickly as they can to deliver a quality signature that you can appreciate. Please do not bother or harass anyone about rushing along with your custom made signature. I assure you, bothering someone to hurry up and make your custom signature is only going to make it take longer to get to you. Just be patient, and your custom signature will be delivered in a timely fashion.

Amount of ILLEST CASH needed for a custom made signature - $125,000

As I stated before, if anyone has any other ideas in regards to being awarded for ILLEST CASH, just send me a private message and I will bring to the staff's attention ASAP and we will discuss if it's something that is in the best interested of Illest Lyrics.


Once again, thanks to everyone for supporting Illest Lyrics, and we hope this helps to personalize the site a little more for you, and reward you for your activity on the site!!
--~Murk McNasty~--
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