Magic Mark vs Rell [ Round 2 ]

The tournament will begin soon.

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Magic Mark vs Rell [ Round 2 ]

Post by complexity » Tue Nov 25, 2008 8:01 am

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My Brother's Dead
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Post by |.R.SON.aLL.| » Thu Nov 27, 2008 6:41 pm

[align=center]"i Hear Tha Dreams Start Talkin,
Might Be Comin From Where Mah Heart is .."


Now, i ain't tryna be crazy, mah dreams have been drivin me crazy, i hear `em talk in bits ..
i can't make out tha other parts of it, try to get closer to see what convo they sparkin wit ..
& i started fallin ......
fallin ......
fallin off a cliff, until a Big nigga grabbed me from tha clouds by tha coat tag,
"Yeah lil fanasty nigga, here's a dream you can scribble in ya notepad",
Tha right side of his face was gone, i think he was crossed in between two murders ..
& everytime i would try to grab him to let go, he would say "Uh, and another one" & grew further ..
Away, i was tryna get a sign of some help, i start bleedin out tears, & was cryin for help ..
he dissappeared, i thought i died inside of tha welps
once i felt mah soul left outta mah body, & saw mahself, outside of mahself ..
i jumped right back into tha dream, everythin was in slow motion, tried to hit a nigga i couldn't reach for ..
Heartbeatin so fast, i could feel it thru mah t-shirt, seen tha Big nigga again, jumped off another cliff ..
Fell deeper ..
& deeper ..
Asked him what did he have to say to me, i was beggin please,
I thought this shit was juss make believe, i wanna fight back but can't swing ..
He closed his eyes, started talkin to me ..
"Life ain't always what it seems ....
it was all juss a dream"[/align]
.. it`s S.a.W Bitches ..
.. Niggas ain't Fuckin Wit Tha Team ..




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Post by MagicMark » Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:59 am

"It's like the More Money We come across.. the More Problems we see.."....


I was raised in places filled with blazin' hatred
still can't face or take it....
...This Boy'd cry alone at night, feelin' like yesterday's replacement..
Get tears thinkin' of years, where it was basically do or die
where tryna' live another day n' not shootin'.. was just another way of suicide..
Clueless guys n' rich kids, never would realise decisions
knive's aint for steak incisions, when you got hotplates for kitchens

But Wait..

Fuckin' hell, i blew up...can't believe im done with these bitch nigga's
Record Company caught a im done bangin' im sittin' on 6 figures
dickin' up vixens with stick figures.. a million bundled in balls..
toss the sluts on the bed with a few stacks, now theres more money im "cumin' across"
who ever said money brought more problems, shit..they aint never had none
How a nigga meant to stop smilin', standin' around bentleys...when even in toy form, he never had one..
Was skinny but i got cake now... my pockets fuller than my mouth is
So happy cause i picked a couch wit my wife.. which cost more than my ole' house did..

no problems now.. i roll up home in the M3..
but see my wife's been raped and tied up.. and 4 Nigga's got shotguns at me..

"Wait a Minu....."


More Money.... NO Problems..

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Post by The Architect » Sat Nov 29, 2008 3:11 pm

both had decent drops, me and complexity both agree that rell took this, he stuck to the topic a little more, magic had an intro to it and i suppose its somethin many can relate to but it was kind of against the topic in a way, overall good battle, rell moves on.


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