Magic Mark vs Dead Silence [ Round 1 ]

The tournament will begin soon.

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Magic Mark vs Dead Silence [ Round 1 ]

Post by complexity » Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:39 pm

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Post by MagicMark » Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:32 am

I got my name cause people said i was magic, after my tracks dude
But wait?... you musta got ya name for the reception after ya raps too..(ZzZZzz)

look you ugly fucking faggot, you cant win cause imma maim ya hardest
Cause the only time Dead's works more valuable is fuckin' with famous artists

ill beat you in every combination, like givin' a locker the 1,2
Good thing you against crews.. cause who THE FUCK would want you!?!?!

imma cut up every muscle in ya body, but imm rip ya dreams today..
Just be cool and keep ya nose clean.. but with that thing, ya'd need a Team of Maids!!

you like pastry you the flakiest, like ali in an earthquake.. you the shakiest (lol)
You winnin's a joke.. cause people don't believe dead's above anyone like atheists!!... Wow...

I've won easily.. so imma joke wit ya man, cause all'a this is "Damn!!"...
told him we should kick-box, so this fucker turns up with Jordan's on his hands!!

look kid, ya rhymes are WAY OFF, i'll damage ya!
people gonna see Dead get ATE... like Grave Robbin' Cannibals!!..

I murdered you in the last tourney.. and even then mutual had to carry ya
No wonder he taking so long to drop.. he has to figure out which way of losin' is less embaressin'... true..

Drop Nigga..

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Dead Silence
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Post by Dead Silence » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:38 am

Magic Mark..Why you stepping into the dead zone once again??//
Leaving a tragic Mark on ya head like it was the newest trend//

You should have stayed away,the site was doing good without you//
but you comeback to rue the day,well tonight you miss out on this win two//

your lines are the reason why illest was so inactive for so long//
your nursery rhymes are cursory while mine are detailed to prove urs wrong//

you seem like u wanna be lil wayne the way you write stories on the dood//
wouldn't be surprised if ur hair was like his just in case it rained,you screwed//

You would never have the Popularity that he has,But pointless lines yes//
how can you have prosperity handlin the mic when your rhymes aren't blessed//

Look up to the man himself and ask for a wish,well you just wont get it//
the devil wont even take you because he wont feed a bitch n you don't threat shit//

how many times must you start FUCKING with me the way that you do?//
dodge all of ur nines and keep trucking my way right through you//

the only reason you TRY to throw punchlines is because your the jester//
i Overthrew the king i can not lie,all this kid does now is pester//

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Post by complexity » Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:42 am

Magik Marks personals were much harder and consistent. His wordplay was more complex and flow was more on point. Dead Silence didn't come horrible, but Ekoms and Complexity both agree Magic Mark will be moving on.

Records will not be updated because both dropped after the deadline.


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