Glass Joe vs Quix [ Round 1 ]

The tournament will begin soon.

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Glass Joe vs Quix [ Round 1 ]

Post by complexity » Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:39 pm

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Post by Quix » Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:08 am

I gues i'll drop first!!

itz wuteva wuteva!

This guys dah type to...
have Subscriptions for Live-Homo's and above all you ain't Consistant; This Guy LoCo!
i ain't 'Sober Guy' but still dah only time we see 'Glass over I (eye)' is Precriptions for Bi-focals
you ain't a G, you Feel BiterS who Bitch n quick tah Steal Cyphers from Real Writers!
i'll get dah 'Gauge tah Clap' and put 'Blades tah Glass' like Wind shield-wipers (dayyum)
I'm winning...cuz i'M Kokky so don't Dream; and I air dah Shotty tah Blow Steam!
your Flows Weak! so watch me 'Blacken Joe' like Coffee wid no Cream
your verse Choppy n Flows Weak! mines flawless, and even More so then this NEwb!
Doors close on this goof! nw e only see yah 'Core-Up' when i leave your Torso on dah Roof (trueee)
your Keys dimenished itz rude but true you've Achieved your limitz
only Decieving midgets but not me! so DAH 'Shells on display for you' like Sea Exhibits
I precieved your gimmiks , I never Believed your image! ... I Insist your Gassed
Resist mah GAt! and its like yah 'Body on the curb' cuz i'm Convinced your trash!!! (lolol)
This Guy a gangsta?? Pfft this GUY DON'T BUST! yous a fake; don't LIE TO US!
DON'T Try tah Rush! CUZ i'll have more 'Tips hit yah Surface' than the I-POD TOUCH (ouuuch)
Real Recognize Real ... who dah Fuck is you???

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Glass Joe
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Post by Glass Joe » Fri Nov 21, 2008 12:24 pm

Yeah, uh.


Up in the club be partyin' with the BEST CHICKS
Devour your flow cause I be sippin' on some NESQUIX.//
Uh-Uh, While I leaved you STUMPED.
I'm comin' more fire, than DONALD TRUMP.//
Might as well call me diamond cuz I'm your GIRL'S BEST FRIEND.
Everything I spit ends up A TREND.//
No END, because I OWN.
Shut up or get bricked like an I PHONE//
On more rolls than the MICHELIN MAN,
Cause I'm too sick just like INSULIN MAN//
Break off all your DIGITS,
rhymes off the top just like a MIDGET//
Most bet on the fact that I'll LOSE,
But I'm an unknown poison, kinda like BOOZE//
Quix, you just got KILLED AGAIN.
Flows so spicy you might think I'm INDIAN.// (India Indians...)

Alright, let's go.

8 bars.

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Post by complexity » Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:55 am

Glass Joe that wasn't a bad attempt. Me and Ekoms were both impressed that you tried your best. Despite that, Quix won in every category easily.

-records updated-


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