BigDazzieDaddle OR We President Now???

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BigDazzieDaddle OR We President Now???

Post by MonuMental »

Ok, so the bastard posted some terribly whack shit that noone would ever take seriously, here or anywhere else. It was obviously meant to be comedic in nature, and he succeeded for like three and a half minutes. I see what you're doing. I see you've made a new account, as well...

Anyways, someone PLEASE tell me, why THIS whack MC (We President Now):


is SO fucking simiar to THIS whack MC(BigDazzieDaddle):


and why ALL these pieces:





were presented in the same idiotic manner, with the same idiotic "black people" comedy that was fucking played out back when people used to complain about it being racist. Lol. I don't give a fuck what you'd like to be funny about, or who's social existence you insult whilst doing it, but actually BE FUNNY. Do something original. Tell us about how your uncle used to touch you and shit when your parents would drop you off at your grandma's house to go get fucking wasted out behind the truck stop and partake in massive drug abuse and the "turning of tricks". Moreover, DON'T challenge a man to battle who has, during his ENTIRE stint on this site, maintained and practiced complete and perfect neutrality, never typing a single character into any field on the battle forum(Not to the best of my knowledge, I don't battle or vote), JUST becase he trolled you a little bit. Hell, EVERYTHING you've ever posted has been an exercize in trolling. ANYWAYS, just thought everyone else might find this shit as interesting as I did, and if you read this, thank you for your time.
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