Testify To Your Exercise

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Re: Testify To Your Exercise

Post by CBK »

lmao at you lying bastards ya's probably dont excercise at all.

100 sit ups 100 press ups morning / night an this isnt excercise just habit i got into in borstal.

i try to do 10 miles worth of joggin a week an other than that just a usual boxing working out once a week.

lift all the weights you want meat heads but you need a combo of fitness agility strength an power not ridiculously big biceps an shoulders but the cardio of a tractor.

im in good condition but my cardio is drasticly poor due to asthma an heavy weed consumption

fuck all this "i push this much an i lift this much" hand to hand i'd fight anyone of you regardless of your size
like the wisest man whoever lived once said "the biggest man you ever did see was once a baby" an tha shits true.

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Re: Testify To Your Exercise

Post by Sir Kevin O Shea »

I just started running again. I will be cut like cheese.

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Re: Testify To Your Exercise

Post by Momeijah »

Uh I'm not gonna post a detailed routine, so I'll say this:

I swim, I run, I do circuit training, I do strength training, I walk a lot and I play sports.


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